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We welcome you to the website of Borodulikha district. Our district was founded in 1944. In the east it borders with Shemonaikha district, in the west – Beskaragai district, in the north with Russian Federation (Altai Territory), in the south - with the city of Semey. Territory within its present borders was formed in 1997 through the merger of Borodulikha and Novoshulba districts, as well as parts Zhanasemey district. More...


In the Novopokrovka rural district by day of the elderly person there took place celebration of people of the senior generation. On October 4, 2017 at the holiday tables in the Batima complex the most dear gathered and the elderly people deserved attention
Each of us wants that there was a unique cozy yard. This year, in execution of the order of the akim of East Kazakhstan area and the akim of Borodulikha district a competition in the nomination "The Best Yard" is held in the territory of the district.
At the beginning of October, 2017 in the Kunarli rural district a number of actions within "A mercy caravan" was carried out (the help aged and to disabled people).
For assistance to patriotism development, by means of promoting of works to the 120th anniversary since the birth of M.O.Auezov, within the RouhaniZhangyru program Peschanka rural library it is held a number of events.
On October 2 the current year in our area there took place the competition "Autumn Etude" organized by department of education and House of Creativity. This competition is organized for the purpose of manifestation at pupils of love for the country, environment protection, increases of level of knowledge of ecology
On October 1, 2017 in the building of rural club of the village of Mikhaylichenkovo of the Andreevsky rural district a concert under the name "Day of Good and Respect" which was devoted to our dear and beloved grandmothers and grandfathers took place.
On October 2 the current year by Day of the Elderly person, the House of creativity with Aynalayyn visited Nursing home with the concert program.
Day of the elderly person is a day of people infinitely dear to us - our grandmothers and grandfathers. It is day of human wisdom, a maturity, sincere generosity - qualities which allocated the people having a considerable course of life behind shoulders.
On September 29, on the eve of a holiday of the elderly person in at Ayup's cafe it was cozy and cheerful. Here the holiday of wise and our kind grandmothers and grandfathers took place.
In the run-up to the celebration of Day of the elderly person since September 27, 2017 pupils of 7-11 classes with the teacher of Shelekhov high school N.V.Surkova gave help on cleaning of the site in the rural district to the veteran P.N.Goncharenko.
The timurite - the concept from Soviet period designating the exemplary pioneer who is gratuitously making good acts for the benefit of society.
Within the parade of languages on September 20, 2017 at Peremenovka high school the teacher of Russian Elgonova G.M. with pupils 5-7 classes...
For support of implementation of the Rouhani Zhangyru program the youth of the Petropavlovka rural district held a number of events. This program is directed to a raising of cultural level of the country
Since the beginning of September, 2017 at schools of the Kunarli rural district "Parade of languages" was carried out. At Peschanka high school under the leadership of experts of languages of A.G.Kreknina
On September 15, 2017 in Kazakhstan the All-republican youth action "Rouhani Zhangyru started. The purpose of this action is support of program article of the Head of state "A prospection: modernization of public consciousness"
Within the Rouhani Zhangyru program in regional Recreation center there took place the traditional regional festival of the languages "Under United Shanyrak" devoted to Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan.
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