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We welcome you to the website of Borodulikha district. Our district was founded in 1944. In the east it borders with Shemonaikha district, in the west – Beskaragai district, in the north with Russian Federation (Altai Territory), in the south - with the city of Semey. Territory within its present borders was formed in 1997 through the merger of Borodulikha and Novoshulba districts, as well as parts Zhanasemey district. More...


On October 24, 2017 in Bel-Agach the rural district the meeting of recipients of the social payments and other persons interested in receiving social payments with the expert of "Center of Employment of the Population of Akimat of the Borodulikha Region of East Kazakhstan Region" by Dautov M.M. took place.
Akim Borodulikha rural district Argumbayev Murat Kusainovich congratulated the World champion among children on the mixed fights – Kadyrbayev Alimzhan.
Charity is one of noble properties of the person. To give help to people is a strong indication of kindness.
At Novopokrovka high school of tradition of the timurov movement exist long ago. Our pupils participate in the actions devoted to memorials of national history reveal the people needing support, carry out patronage of veterans of war and work
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan our republic approves itself by the democratic, secular, constitutional and social state which supreme values are the person, his life, the rights and freedoms.
In the Message to the people of Kazakhstan the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev noted: - "The country with honor passed the 25 - a summer stage of development. We are proud of the country.
Team of timurites adhering to saying "Young - everywhere at us it is expensive, to Old men - everywhere we have an honor!", constantly give help to living alone pensioners, home front workers and elderly people of the district.
In Bel-Agach the rural district harvesting of 2017 approaches end. Wheat, barley, a buckwheat, a rye are cleaned, cleaning of sunflower proceeds. Harvest and autumn and field works are conducted in the planned mode.
On October 18, 2017 passed the round table devoted to "Day of the Spiritual consent" in which took part the priest of church "Arrival to Honour of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God"in rural library. New Shulba Nekterov E.A., responsible for religious associations of Evangelical Christians
In honor of celebration of Day of a spiritual consent in the Dmitriyevka rural district events were held in October 18-19. At high school of Kirov for the studying senior classes of Zhumadilov A.D.
The Novopokrovka rural district presented the production at the international exhibition of agricultural producers "AGRO Semey 2017", taking place in State University of Shakarim.
To M. O. Auezov's 120 anniversary passed quiz on knowledge of the biography of the writer in a reading room of Novopokrovka rural library, and also on erudition about a cultural and literary heritage for all categories of readers.
In October, 1992 in the city of Almaty, there took place the first session of the World congress of a spiritual consent dated for century of the first congress of world religions in Chicago in 1893.
They say that the fall is a golden, sad time. Time when from trees fly about leaves, time of rains, the first cold weather, time to muffle up in warm jackets and to prepare for winter cold weather.
Living alone pensioners were fixed on a holiday of Day elderly and disabled people for heads of the area. On October 10, 2017 to the Novodvorovka rural district there arrived on a visit K.K.Bichuinov.
Businessmen of the Novopokrovka rural district having once again shown activity took part in the fair which was taking place in the territory of hippodrome in New Shulba.
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