Тұңғыш Президент күні мерекесіне арналып Дмитриевка ауылының ауылдық кітапханасында : «Менің Президентім» атты тарих сағаты өткізілді.
On June 7 in Borodulikha district the field meeting of Public council of the East Kazakhstan region was held. Took part in work of a meeting: Díaz Kenzheevich Zhakupov
The stock "90 thousand new trees" which assumes planting of trees in each region according to the number of public servants, passed in the territory of the playground under construction in the village of Bel-Agach
During the period from June 7 to June 9, 2018 the team of school students  of "Krasnopolsk High School" took part in ethnographic summer school "Altyn Kazyna"on the basis of "Daryn"
Within the carried-out two-month and actions for improvement, gardening and improvement of a sanitary condition of settlements, in the village Red Yar community work days in which heads of the organizations
On May 28 in the run-up to the celebration of the holiday Children's Day the staff of Justice department of Borodulikha district organized a congratulation of a large family of Mamyrbekov
Mass political repressions - one of the most gloomy pages in the history of Kazakhstan. The Soviet power practically turned the republic into a prison and camp torture chamber
May 31 Day of remembrance of the victims of political repressions in Kazakhstan, a reminder to us about tragic pages in the history of the country when thousands of people were unreasonably
Children's Day - a holiday which is celebrated on June 1 and representing happiness, reminding of importance of education and attention to younger generation. Children - our happiness, future our country.
The native language is language of the nation, language of ancestors which connects the person with his people, with the previous generations, their inner world.
In the Novopokrovka rural district on May 25, 2018 at schools there took place the celebratory assemblies devoted to the termination of academic year.
In the run-up to the celebration of Day of the public servant and the 20 anniversary of public service in the Republic the action "90 thousand trees" which assumes planting of trees according
At Peschanka high school the last call for six eleventh-graders rang out. Were present at a holiday the akim of Borodulikha district Akulov G.I., head of department of formation
During the carried-out two-month on improvement and cleaning of settlements of garbage in the Steppe rural district active part was taken by all population.
In the Novopokrovka rural district the open five-a-side football tournament devoted to the 20 anniversary of Astana was held. Two teams Semey "SemStar" and Phoenix
In the Novopokrovka rural district the action "Be Careful, the Graduate!" for graduates of schools of the district was carried out. The action was organized in pursuance of the plan of measures