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Akim machinery

Department of organizational and personnel work


Drachev Vladimir Grigorievich – the head of organizational and personnel work department

was born November 17, 1966 in Borodulikha village of Borodulikha district of Semipalatinsk region. Higher education was graduated Semipalatinsk state university after name Shakarim on specialty “Law”.  Since 1984 from 1986 was served in Soviet Army. He began his career in 1987 in the Police Department State Security Service of Borodulikha village, where he worked until 1992. From 1992 till 1995 Assistant Investigator of Borodulikha District’s Division of Internal Affairs of Department of Internal Affairs of EKR. In the period 1995-2006 a chief inspector of department of public safety, chief inspector of licenses and permits, chief Inspector Staff Borodulikha police department. From 2006 till 2012 head of the temporary detention Borodulikha districts police department.
October 25, 2012 order of the akim of Borodulikha district appointed chief of the organizational and personnel work department.


Work phone 8(723-51)2-15-53.
E-mail: EBeksultanov@boroduliha.vko.gov.kz  


Job Responsibilities: providing organizational and informational context akim district with the relevant departments of the akim region independent, regional territorial election commission, regional organizations, law enforcement, the media and village akimats.  The monitoring of governors of rural and village districts, independent executive bodies of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state service", "On Combating Corruption". Coordination of the activities of appointment and dismissal of civil servants. Drawing up and monitoring the implementation of work plans. Overseeing the training of the regional center for retraining and advanced training of civil servants, for the preparation of materials to the meeting of the disciplinary, certification, competitive commissions and the Commission for prior review of premium cases for the passage of civil servants a special audit of the conduct of the personal files of civil servants at work on the formation of electoral lists.




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070 400, EKR Boroduliha district
Borodulikha village, Tauelsizdik street, 69
Reception: 8 (723-51) 2-13-31,
fax: 8 (723-51) 2-10-31



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