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Overcoming regional differences in order to accelerate the implementation of the MDGs in Kazakhstan



National report on MDGs in 2007 shows that despite the considerable progress made in recent years, socio-economic differences between regions are still substantial, particularly between urban and rural areas of Kazakhstan in particular, access to public services and their quality, and access to economic opportunities. In 2008, the human poverty index of Eastern Kazakhstan was 9.8% below the index, Astana, and within the East Kazakhstan region of disparities between the living conditions in two major cities and rural districts.
The existing mechanism of central planning and intergovernmental fiscal arrangements are unable to solve the problem of expansion of regional equality, and perhaps even contributed to their increased because of the piecemeal approach, stiffness and inability to cope with the needs specific to a particular locality. However, two recent reforms - albeit modest - provide an opportunity for change. Law on Local Self-Government for the first time provides for consideration of the role of local assemblies of local budgetary plans and their execution, and the Budget Code recognizes the area as a public entity with its own function costs.
The project aims to support Kazakhstan in achieving the MDGs by promoting innovation in policy formulation and implementation of local development, planning, budgeting, financial management and the involvement of participation in these processes and responsibility for them, with effective use of recent changes in legal basis. Pilot districts for 2010-2011 - Beskaragay, Borodulikha districts, adjacent rural districts of Semey city.


Analysis of local planning and socio-economic situation of the regions.
Carried out preparatory work for the consultancy services for planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.
More than 30 initiative groups received advice on the development of social projects.
About 24 000 Beskaragay district benefited.


Partners in Action:
Akimat of EKR.
Maslikhats and Departments of Economics and Finance.
Civil society organizations.



Memorandum of understanding among The United Nation Development programme, akimat and maslikhat of Borodulikha district East-Kazakhstan oblast


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