Rural district

Podbornyi rural district


Budumbaev Kumarkan Siyazuly is akim Podbornyi rural district was born on April, 3, 1957 in the Borodulikha village of Borodulikha district of Semipalatinsk area. In 1981 finished the Semipalatinsk zootechnic-veterinary institute. The labour activity of beginning in 1983 by a main veterinary doctor in a collective farm "Pamyati Lenina" of Borodulikha district. From August, 2006 works as akim of Podbornyi rural district.

Akimat address: EKR, Borodulikha district, Kamyshenka village, Mira str., 41.
Days of reception: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Hours of  reception: from 14.00 to 17.00.
Phone: 8(723-51) 3-74-93.