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Information about the done work on the main activities of "Department of Culture, Development of Languages, Physical Culture and Sport of Borodulikhinsky District" for the first quarter 2018

Network of cultural institutions of Borodulikha district 1 regional and 4th rural recreation centers, 6 rural clubs, 1 regional and 21 rural libraries, the House of Friendship are presented by 34 objects, including. 
Acts in all rural districts Councils of public consent, Councils of mothers, Youth club of Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "Zhas zhurek" at the House of Friendship.  
As of April 1, 2018 the book fund of libraries makes - 242,8 thousand copies, including in a state language - 61,9 thousand copies. The total of readers of libraries makes 5382 persons.
In libraries of page. New Shulba, the village of Mikhaylichenkovo, the village of Borodulikha successfully work the online centers which give legal, methodical aid. In online - the centers 378 users are registered. Also pass a seminar - trainings on training of computer literacy. In 3 months of the current year passed the 14th training where studied the 36th person.
From 22 rural libraries have Internet access of 6 libraries, 12 libraries are provided with computers in number of 19 units. 
In all cultural institutions of the area cultural events in all priority directions are held.
For the reporting period of 2018 are carried out by cultural institutions 255 culturally - mass actions, or with growth of the same period of last year (250 actions) by 1,02 times. Actions were attended by 27 285 persons. 
Including the number of the held large socially important cultural events 4.
Development of languages
The resolution of akimat of Borodulikha regional No. 49 of March 24, 2017 approved the regional plan of measures for 2017 - 2019 years on implementation of the State program of development and functioning of languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.
The state support is given to all persons in the area for studying state and other languages. For the organization of free courses for training of languages the center of training state and other languages functions.
For implementation of the state program 14078,0 thousand tenges from the local budget in the current year are allocated.
In the center of training of languages 6 teachers of a state language, 1 teacher of English and 1 teacher of Russian of languages work. In branches training is conducted in the educational offices equipped with the modern equipment. For strengthening it is material - technical base of the center of training of languages from the local budget 750,0 thousand tenges are allocated
In the center of training state and other languages to a state language study the 256th listener, from them 167 - public servants, to English 51 persons, from them 16-public servants. Also at the center of training of languages short-term courses (2 monthly) "Tilashar" for persons interested acts will study a state language where 95 people studied.
Current academic year at the center of training of languages the course on training of Russian is open for oralman where 11 people study.
When holding mass cultural, sporting and other public events broad application of a state language is provided. Since the beginning of year in the area 255 events are held.
The state language policy is propagandized through electronic and printed media. For the purpose of realization of language policy on pages of regional newspapers and the website of the akim of the area in 3 months 2018 26 materials are published. From them in a state language - 13, in Russian - 4, in two languages - 9.
The department of culture, development of languages, physical culture and sport quarterly carries out monitoring of application of a state language in office-work of public institutions and organizations. For the first quarter of the current year the share of a state language in document flow makes 92%.
607,0 thousand tenges are allocated for holding actions, months, seminars, round tables, competitions and Olympic Games on knowledge state and other languages from the local budget, following the results of the reporting period 192,0 thousand tenges are mastered.  
For the current period of 2018 more than 10 regional events are held.
On the basis of an order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of February 28, 2017 to No. 17-388-5 on renaming of settlements and streets as outdate from the ideological point of view, according to the finished list administratively - territorial units and their components management on development of languages in the area of 7 settlements and 51 streets are subject to renaming.
On February 2, 2018 at the regular meeting of the East Kazakhstan regional onomastic commission offers on renaming of 2 settlements and 9 streets where the positive decision was made are considered. 
Also there passed descents of inhabitants of the population on renaming of 2 settlements in Kunarli, rural districts and 16 streets in Bel-Agach, Zubair, Podborny rural districts. By data it is administrative - to territorial units and their compound to parts the package of documents for consideration at a regular session of the regional maslikhat prepares.
Explanatory work on renaming of settlements and streets as outdate from the ideological point of view continues.

Head of department of culture,
development of languages, physical culture and sport of  M.Dosmagambetova

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