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Domestic policy

Information and propaganda work

In the area the structure 16 regional information groups of 63 people who, according to the approved schedule, leave on rural and settlement districts and 33 information groups in number of 188 people operating in rural and settlement districts of the area is developed and approved.
In 1 quarter 2018 more than 70 meetings, lectures and "round tables" on an explanation of the main directions of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan of January 10, 2018 "New opportunities of development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution" and also program documents of the President and the Government of Kazakhstan, with coverage of the population of 4 600 people are held.

Social networks

At present an important factor are, social networks. the department of domestic policy on social network "Feysbuk", created the account "Akimat of Borodulikhinsky District" where materials about the carried-out work are regularly published, about the beginning of year more than 40 materials ("By Rowhani Zhangyru" are published, the religion, antiflood actions, activity of public council sport, culture) On social network "VKontakte" are open the accounts "Borodulikh's OVP" and "Borodulikh's Informatiobn Group" since the beginning of year more than 60 materials are published. The department conducts continuous work on tracking of social networks, monitoring the Internet of space, social networks "VKontakte", "Schoolmates", "Twitter", Facebook, a video hosting YouTube, "Instagram" and also is carried out, the analysis of a social and political situation on the most discussed questions is kept.               

Political parties

In the area are registered and 3 branches of parties carry out the activity: Nur Otan, "The Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan", "People's democratic patriotic party of Auyl. 
The smallest number of members of the party of Auyl - 22 persons, the greatest - Nur Otan parties 1941 persons.
Total of primary organizations for the region of 13 and 98 party groups "Nur Otan".

Institutes of civil society

Questions of constructive cooperation of the state and institutes of civil society are one of the main priorities of state policy and acquire the increasing relevance in the context of modernization of political system of the country. Through this interaction broad involvement of the population in public processes, development of dialogue of society and state is provided.
This dialogue in the area is carried out through advisory advisory bodies (Council of veterans, Council of aksakals, Council of the public, Youth board, Women's council, Coordination councils on fight against corruption and crime, etc.) and dialogue platforms.

Mass media

2 regional newspapers "Audan of a Tynysa" and "Area Pulse" work in the area. The sum of the state information order for 2018 makes 3 832 500 tenges. Frequency of a release of newspapers once a week.

Evident propaganda

Now in the territory of the area 96 banners, from them are placed: on promotion of the Message and Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" - 27 banners, according to the Rowhani Zhangyru program - 21, on development of languages, patriotic education, promotion of the State symbols  and the program of the Government - 48 banners. 
Work on updating of banners is carried out constantly, in 1 quarter 2018 42 banners are updated.

Informatively-propagandist work

The district was developed and approved of the 14 regional information and propagandist groups of 52 people who, according to the approved schedule, go to rural and village districts and 33 Information and propagandist in the number of 197 people working in rural and village districts.
During the reporting period, 2011 members of advocacy groups held - 572 meetings, lectures and "round tables" with coverage of the population 16 428 people.
By advocacy involved war and labor veterans, heads of community groups in rural areas, activists who enjoy authority among the population.
In an area several times, met with members of the Republican, the regional inter-agency advocacy groups.
In order to enhance awareness of the potential uses of public holidays and celebrations. As the billboards in all the festivities, the state symbols, public service with quotations from the President's Address.
Weekly analysis of the work carried out in rural advocacy groups and members of the IPG district, organized collection of requests from people to the district and regional organizations.
Monitored the socio-political situation in the districts. Address issues that arise during the meetings.
To help the members of advocacy groups regularly produced educational materials on Message of the President and to each significant event. So, this year, prepared training materials: 1) Text Message of the President of 28.01.2011, the 2) "Blueprint for the 20th anniversary of independence", and 3) materials for the XIII Congress of "Nur Otan". Each submission notes the issues of socio - economic development district, an area of ​​the Republic.
For the study of public opinion polling is used, the telephone poll of opinion leaders districts are regularly held gatherings of citizens, community meetings and other social events.
The cooperation with the regional branch of the NGO "Nur Otan" Party members are members of regional and rural IPG. The youth organization "Jas Otan" creates a network of youth advocacy groups, local groups organized politinformatorov from members of the public formation of districts.
8 and February 24, 2011 a meeting to discuss regional asset President's Address to the Nation of Kazakhstan "build the future together!" Dated 28 January 2011. Attended the district mayor, deputy mayor area, members of the District of IPG, the heads of departments and organizations, leaders of community groups Region: Chairman of the Veterans, the public, women's councils, youth councils. In the form of guidance to members of the District of IPG were distributed materials.
To promote the Message of the President of RK, in accordance with the schedule approved by the Governor of the district, conducted exit IPG members of district towns in the area.
All selposokrugah in the workforce area schools, district offices and organizations hold meetings, gatherings, "round tables" to discuss the President's message.
In the area audited and the technical condition of the thematic content bilbrodov, banners, and banners. At the moment, placed 130 banner, including: to promote the Epistles and the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2030" - 60 banners, 50 banners - on the 20th anniversary of Independence of RK, 20 banners on language development, patriotic education, promotion of national symbols RK, and HLS Program of the Government. Since the release of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan "build the future together!" Updated 75 banners. Work on updating the banners should be conducted continuously.

Religious situation

At present there are 23 district Borodulikha religious associations: the 8-Muslim, 4 of the Russian Orthodox Church reported, 6 of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in the villages Borodulikha, New-Shulba, Bel-Agach, counterbores, and Peremenovka p.Zhezkent, 1 - Catholic Church, a Lutheran Church, 1 Jehovah's Witnesses (Novyi Shulba), 2 - "New Life" (s.Beli Agach, p.Zhezkent), a Christian evangelists (p.Zhezkent), registered as a numerically small . National composition of population of the region also varied. All places of worship are acts on the ground.
The executive power district is working to strengthen constructive cooperation with all religious faiths, regardless of their size. Ongoing monitoring of the moral - psychological climate in selposokrugah, collectives of enterprises, organizations, educational institutions, area. We study the religious situation, interethnic relations, the work on the consolidation of society, the unity of the population.
Developed and approved a plan for countering the ideological spread ideas of religious extremism and terrorism in the region Borodulikha in 2011. In the area of ​​conducting educational activities aimed at creating hostility in the community of ideas of terrorism and extremism.
In the district there are 14 districts and 33 rural advocacy groups. IPG members constantly works to clarify the nature of religious groups and preventing the spread of ideas of religious extremism.
In accordance with the conceptual framework of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan declared September "the month of spirituality." In this connection, in Borodulikha diastrict with 19 to 23 September was organized by the departure of members of the district by IPG selposokrugam on "Life on the traditional culture of Islam in Kazakhstan - the main basis of Spiritual Harmony."
During the meeting, explained the basics of traditional Islam, as well as the extremist movements, disguised religion. To make recommendations on how to protect yourself and not be in the non-traditional religious groups. In district newspapers "Pulse rayona" and "Audan tynysy" heading of "Musylman adepteri", "Religiya i my".

About motion of realization of the districts program "Young People of district"

Pursuant to the Act of July 7, 2004 № 581 "On State Youth Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan", Boroduliha district maslikhat district approved program "Youth Borodulikha District, 2009-2011." In accordance with the approved plan of action to implement the program "Youth Borodulikha district for 2009-2011," from the district budget allocated for 2011 - 697 000 tenge.
In Borodulikha area of ​​the total youth population is 25% or 10 819 people.
In the district operates Club looking for work, the Program of "Youth practice."
From the beginning, the department of internal policy, in partnership with other departments, the party "Nur Otan" and the youth wing of the "Jas Otan" held cultural events for young people in accordance with the plan developed in 2011.
The purpose of the activities is to actively involve young people in social and economic life of the region, raising the younger generation and young people a sense of patriotism and internationalism, and improve the health of children, adolescents and young adults. Development of children's and youth associations, solutions to pressing problems of young people, creative self-realization, as well as crime prevention and drug abuse among young people.
In the area of ​​all the activities conducted under the symbolism of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan
In the area of ​​attention is paid to the involvement of children and youth in physical education and sport. In order to attract a healthy lifestyle competitions, friendly competitions among the youth. Conducted in the districts of sporting events, play a huge role in promoting healthy lifestyles, raising the total population in the sporting life, youth recreation, education of the younger generation.
Among young people one of the important themes is patriotism. In order to promote patriotic education campaign was carried out "My Kazakhstan - my pride," "Our Anthem," "Our Arms," ​​"Our Flag," "This is our Kazakhstan," "I am a citizen of Kazakhstan!" Cool clock, round tables, seminars, action "Tugan zher - Altyn besіgіm ", "Tugan zherge tagzym!" Month "Tіlge Kurmet - elge Kurmet", which yielded the results.
Also in the area developed youth program "20 good young business", within the framework of this action is charity care, carried out various festivals, competitions, sports and cultural events. The campaign planned for the following activities: "The time of good deeds" - helping families, "Green Country" - planting seedlings, "Timurovskoe dvizhenie" - to assist the elderly, "Round Table" on "Nevada-Semipalatinsk" Youth Forum, 2011, a competition among young people "Kazaktyn kelіnі", "Job Fair", etc.

Marathon relay race "Flourishing village - blossoming of Kazakhstan"

To implement a marathon relay in the Borodulikha district from May 30 to August 12, was organized on improvement of human settlements.
During the youth-marathon relay race "flourishing village - blossoming of Kazakhstan" of the treated area was - 23 hectares, planted trees and saplings - 53 units., Created four playgrounds and sports fields, landscaped parks, 6 (Victory Square Mall and Independence Boroduliha village in Zhezkent settlement, Victory Park with a Corostely, Novopokrovka, Peremenovka, the school garden in Novopokrovka village), eliminated six illegal dumping, broken more than 20 beds along the main street and the lawn in Borodulikha village processed.
During the reporting period in the local newspapers' Audan tynysy "and" pulse rayona", as well as on the website Akim published 39 submissions on the implementation of the marathon relay in Borodulikha area. Issued 60 information campaign materials.  

Shares "Tugan zherge tagzym!" And "20 good deeds"

The district developed target program "20 good deeds", dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued an album project "20 good deeds."
In 2011, within the framework of the shares were purchased by two cars, "Ambulance" and a vehicle for residents Krasny Yar, Zhernovka and New Shulba villages’ $ 6 million tenge. Open pharmacy "Romat" house and consumer services in Borodulikha village. Renovated building of the country club of Krasny Yar.
In the local newspapers' Audan tynysy"and" Pulse rayona", as well as in regions  media under the headings" 20 zharkyn іs"," 20 good deeds "constantly publish materials dedicated to the course of implementation of the action.



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