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The state symbols of RK

National flag of  the Republic of Kazakhstan   National emblem of  the Republic of Kazakhstan   Translation of the National anthem of Republic of Kazakhstan

Gold and blue are colors of the national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the symbol of new Kazakhstan, the main attribute of its newest history. There is pure blue sky in which the steppe eagle soars warmed by beams of the sun. At the stick of the flag as though continuation of millions hands of Kazakhstan people holding it, the ancient Kazakh ornament «koshkar - muiz» – «the mutton horns» rises. The author of the flag, became Shaken Niyazbekov who announced to the world about the birth of sovereign Kazakhstan. His project of the national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan has won complex competition in which more than 600 projects participated.
Transparent blue of the sky, pure depth of water … Light blue color always associated mankind with cleanliness of thoughts. Shaken Niyazbekov has chosen this shade as demonstration of unity of people of Kazakhstan, harmony of cultures and ideas of indivisibility of the state. The sun, eternal sun … Its sign is life, great circulation of the nature. Granting fertile warmth, it granted also abundance. Thirty two beams of the sun on the flag of Kazakhstan have the form of grain – bases of well-being.
The eagle on out-ethnic sign language always meant pride, authority, width of views and perspicaciousness. High in the sky, directing to the aim, free and strong – in this way the steppe eagle on the Kazakhstan flag appears. This is absolutely distinct embodiment of familiarizing of sovereign Kazakhstan to the world community.


The Emblem of Kazakhstan has the traditional form of a circle. This form close to perfection had special value for the nomad. It is a symbol of eternal and wise course of time, circulation of life in the nature. The central element which has incorporated the basic idea of the Kazakhstan Emblem is shanyrak – the round aperture crowning the dome of yurta. The smoke above shanyrak, visible from far away and promising warm reception seen to the traveler from time immemorial was a symbol of family well-being, peace and calmness.
Represented on the Emblem tundyk - the antiaircraft aperture of yurta reminds the bright sun on the background of the peaceful sky. Dome poles - uyk, in regular intervals missing from the center on a blue field of the Emblem remind beams of the sun - a source of life and warmth. Zhandarbek Melibekov and Shota Ualikhanov, the authors of the project, coult solve the problem of the image kerege – sliding trellised bases of yurta. Crosswise, threefold, kuldereushi of shanyrak symbolize unity of three zhuzs which provides its durability. Thus, the language of heraldry authors has reflected peaceful essence of Kazakhs. Coded, but, nevertheless, clear language the Kazakhstan Emblem calls all people of republic to become under the general shanyrak, to aspire into strong powerful bearing designs of our general house – Kazakhstan.
Following component of composite structure of the arms are gold wings, with horns in the form of a half moon, fantastic racers – tulpars. This is a whole accord of symbolical values. Fearlessness, force, insight and resoluteness … This way are read the figures of these mythical animals. Gold wings of racers remind also sheaves of gold ears that allocates with their additional value – work, abundance and material welfare.
The five-pointed star crowning the Kazakhstan Emblem possesses quite concrete semantics: the country is opened for dialogue with all five continents. Color scale of the Emblem is already traditional Kazakhstan bicolor gold and blue. The first speaks about the light future of people of Kazakhstan. The second is about its unity, about aspiration of the country to live in full harmony with the entire world.
Birthday of the State Emblem of Republic of Kazakhstan is on 4th of June, 1992. The today's Emblem of sovereign Kazakhstan has grown out creative search of two known architects – Zhandarbek Melibekov and Shota Ualikhanov who managed to win a hard competition in which participated 245 projects and 67 descriptions of the future Emblem





In the sky is the gold sun,
In steppe is gold grain.
The legend on courage is my country.
In a gray-haired antiquity
Our glory was born,
Kazakh people are proud and strong.

O, my people! O, my country!
I am a flower grown by you!
I am a song ringing on your lips,
My Native land is my Kazakhstan!

Your open space is vast
Also road is opened in the future.
My people is independent,
Rallied and uniform
As the immemorial friend
Meets new time
Our happy country, our people!

O, my people!  O, my country!
I am a flower grown by you!
I am a song ringing on your lips,
My Native land is my Kazakhstan!




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