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Analysis of the fires on Borodulikha district during the past period in 2011


In the intervening period in 2011 in the Borodulikha district registered 83 fires, including the residential sector - 37 fires in vehicles - 3, at the facilities - 6, a fire in the woods - 36, a fire steppe - 1.
The main causes of fires in the shelter are: careless handling of fire, violation of fire safety in the operation of furnaces, violation of fire safety of electrical equipment.
As for the fires in the residential sector due to careless handling of fire of the population, then, basically, set the following ignition sources: smoking while drunk; nepotushennaya match, candle, torch, burning, smoldering fires, slag, torch, as well as uncommon fires because of children's pranks.
The desire for independence is particularly evident at the time when children are left alone. Leaving your child alone in an apartment, it is difficult to be sure that he did not dare to play with a box of matches, does not want to burn the paper, not interested in the work of home appliances. In this connection, there is a need to raise skills careful handling of fire from an early age. Every parent should strive to ensure that the child is aware that the match - not a toy, and fire - not fun. Children need to understand that fire is a serious disaster for the people.
Must take into account the fact that the fire in the private houses incurred by natural causes (electrical stove), occur typically in older, dilapidated buildings, dating back over 20 years. Thus, the deterioration of housing, low standard of living of certain strata of the population, taken together with alcohol abuse are the topical issues of fire prevention in the residential sector.
Despite the measures taken preventive and promotional effects, a death from fires in the district is inevitable and sad fact. Thus, in the period from 2009 to 2011, 8 people died, including 3 - children. 87.5% of the total number of victims - from fires in the residential sector.
The main cause of death in fires is the human factor - the careless handling of fire of the population, including smoking while drunk.


Dear citizens!

If you are faced with the facts of violation of your rights, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the annoying behavior of the Division of Emergency Situations Borodulikha district please contact helpline in Ust-Kamenogorsk: tel.: 26-24-31, e-mail address is www.vkogps.kz.




A.K.Umirbekov, chief engineer DES of Borodulikha district 



In case of fire call 101


Attention citizens!


Obey and follow the rules of fire safety in homes!

FIRES in homes are dangerous not only because it destroys homes and destroying property, they often pose a threat to life.

CITIZENS! Do not smoke in bed, since sleep dulls alertness, and a burning cigarette butt can cause ignition of bedding and flammable materials.
Explain the dangers to children are constantly playing with fire.
Do not leave children unattended!

Matches in the hands of children – it is common cause of fire.
Every day in the region going up to 10 fires. Over the past five years in the fire killed 676 people. Fire damaged more than 3.5 billion tenge. 
In order to ensure fire safety house (apartment), you must perform the following activities:
Repair the heating furnace;
Horizontal and vertical cuts of furnaces perform at least 38 cm;
Each furnace combustible floor in front of the firebox door nail front sheet size not less than 50x70 sm.  
In attics all the walls and chimneys, where it passes flues, plaster and whitewash.
Clear chimneys of soot.
Remove kerosene appliances from the public corridor and stairwell.
Repair the power grid in the apartment (house).
Set electrical fuses prefabrication.
Putting electricity cables in the building to perform in accordance with the requirements of "Regulations for Electrical".  
Replace broken and faulty switches, sockets and ammunition.
Electric irons, electric kettles and kerosene appliances installed on a non-combustible holders.
Remove from gas appliances furniture and other flammable items.
Clear attics, basements and courtyard territory of combustible debris. 
Remove flammable materials stored in a fire breaks between buildings.
Plastered extension (barn).
To collect the slag to install a metal box (a barrel), or dig a hole at a distance of not less than 10 meters from the building.
Move the garage, situated close to combustible building or playground in place, set fire fighting service.
When stacking, storage, transportation of hay to strictly observe the fire safety requirements.
In the summer to have a supply of water for at least 200 liters.


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