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If you have any questions on employment in the public service apply to the department of organizational and personnel work of machinery district’s akim, phone: 8 (72351) 2-10-01.




The order of entry into the civil service


Questions of civil service political and administrative civil servants are regulated by the Regulation on the procedure of civil service.
Given one of the most important priorities of Kazakhstan-2030 Strategy - creating a professional government - Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service from its inception, has sent its efforts on creating conditions to attract the public service highly professional staff with appropriate education and experience required.
Since January 2000, the country entered a process of competitive selection for vacant administrative state posts in government, ensuring the implementation of the constitutional right to equal access to public service.
Organizing and conducting competitions are carried out in accordance with the Rules of the competition for vacant administrative state posts.

The competition includes a series of sequential steps:

  • Publication of the tender;
  • The formation of tender committee;
  • Reception and analysis of documents participants for compliance with the qualification requirements;
  • Testing of candidates;
  • Interview;
  • The final meeting of the tender committee.

In order to ensure openness and transparency of public authority, carrying out the tender, shall publish an announcement of the competition. During the competition in the central government and its territorial divisions and departments of the ads published in periodicals that are distributed throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan. Announcement of the competition in the local government bodies are published in periodicals that are distributed to the respective administrative-territorial unit.
Citizens wishing to participate in the contest, submit to a government agency conducting the contest rules established by the documents that are considered competitive commission.
In order to ensure equal treatment when applying for public service and to allow for a wider choice at competitive selection process guided by the standard qualification requirements.
Required to participate in the competition documents are submitted within 15 calendar days from the date of publication of the advertisement in the media about the competition in the relevant government bodies specified in the declaration addresses public authorities.
Based on the analysis of the documents the tender committee decides on the admission of participants to be tested.
Under the terms of each contest applicants must undergo mandatory computer testing for knowledge of the law.
The purpose of testing is an objective assessment of abilities of candidates.
Depending on the category of administrative state posts to establish different testing programs.
In the present test program includes tests for knowledge of legislation, as well as non-verbal logical test (depending on category), evaluating the ability of candidates.
Candidates admitted to the test, pass it in the prescribed manner to the agency or regional testing centers Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Civil Service in all 16 regions of the country within five working days after the application deadline.
Remote system testing is conducted on computers connected to the central server of the Agency, ensuring harmonization of requirements and procedures for testing the maximum objectivity, enables us to establish control over the quality of competitive selection.
Strict adherence to the highest standards of testing to avoid potential problems and abuse and maximize their benefits to the public service as a whole and for each candidate participating in the competitive selection, which ensures fairness and equal opportunity for all. Candidates who successfully pass the threshold test to be admitted to the next stage of competitive selection - interviews.
Candidates admitted to the interview, pass it to the state authorities have declared a competition for three working days after the test.
The purpose of the interview is to assess the professional and personal qualities of candidates.
At the closing session of the tender committee evaluates candidates based on the submitted documents, test results and conducted interviews and performs the selection of candidates for vacant administrative state falsehood. Only one candidate can receive a positive opinion, the second best candidate can be recommended for admission to the reserve.
In that case, if the contest had not been identified worthy candidates for vacant positions, the state body may be declared a second contest. A candidate who has received the endorsement of the tender committee shall be entitled to take the recommendation made to the contest post with the requirements prescribed by law for receipt of the administrative state position.




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