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Information in 1 quarter 2018

Epizootic wellbeing in the area is provided by collaboration of department with the number of staff of 8 units and the state veterinary enterprise with veterinary stations with the number of staff of 25 units.
Existence of a livestock on the area for 01.04.2018 makes Fed Beef - 37944, Sheep and goats - 55671, horses - 5539, pigs - 9266. Fed Beef a uterine livestock makes - 16803 heads, producers - 294, young growth - 7495, other - 10056 heads.
According to the plan of veterinary and preventive actions about the beginning of 2018, work on the prevention and diagnosis of especially dangerous diseases of farm animals is carried out. 41 100 000 tenges are allocated for holding antiepizootic actions from the local budget, for April 1, 2018 4 099 993,8tenges are mastered.
Diagnostics. The annual plan of diagnostic testings for a brucellosis of  Fed Beef-of 55000 heads and small cattle of 55205 heads, for 1 quarter 2018 it is investigated by  Fed Beef-21244 and small cattle-13433. It is revealed positively reacting animal Fed Beef-130 of the head, all are handed over on sanitary slaughter
Positively reacting animals are liquidated according to the veterinary legislation.
Researches of biological (pathological) materials on the PCR (Polimerazno Chain Reaction) method on a brucellosis of 20 tests are conducted. Explanatory work with the population concerning prevention of a brucellosis is constantly carried out.
Prevention. Planned veterinary and preventive actions for especially dangerous diseases for 1 quarter 2018 it is executed:
Rage of dogs - the annual plan of 5000 heads, is executed 2000 heads.
Fed Beef-foot-and-mouth disease the annual plan of 78000 heads, 18437 heads are executed.
small cattle -foot-and-mouth disease the annual plan of 93000 heads, 20000 heads are executed.
small cattle -listeriosis the annual plan of 1000 heads, 1000 heads are executed.
Listeriosis of a pig - the annual plan of 5000 heads, 1000 heads are executed.
Fed Beefanthrax the annual plan of 46000 heads, 5900 heads are executed.
small cattle -anthrax the annual plan of 40000 heads, 4350 heads are executed
Anthrax of horses - the annual plan of 5000 heads, 630 heads are executed.
Echinococcosis of carnivorous - the annual plan of 10500 heads, it is executed the 3500th goal.
Flu of birds - the annual plan - 10 000 heads, 10 000 heads are executed.
Emkar Fed Beef-the annual plan of 30 000 heads, executed 5900 heads.
Allergic researches:
Fed Beef-tuberculosis the annual plan of 60 000 heads, 17 000 heads are executed.
Sap of horses - the annual plan of 1400 heads, 200 heads are executed.
Identification. The annual plan of identification of Fed Beef makes - 13140 heads, is executed - 3800 heads and are brought in base - 3800 heads.
The annual plan of identification of small cattle makes 15 200 heads, is executed and brought in base - 400 heads.
The annual plan of identification of pigs makes 3600 heads, is executed and brought in base of 30 heads.
The annual plan of identification of horses (tavreniye) makes 1155 heads, performance is necessary in the fall of the current year.
Catching of dogs. In 2018 2 110 000,00 tenges planned quantity of vagrant animals for shooting-664 of the head are allocated for catching and extermination of stray dogs and cats from the local budget. This work is conducted since the beginning of the current year, for 1 quarter is mastered 562 445tg and destroyed - 177 vagrant animals.
Issue of veterinary documents. References of a form No. 1 - 11, forms No. 2 - 91, forms No. 3 - 1 piece. 3 registration numbers are given out and prolonged, issued 3 vet - sanitary conclusions and 61 instructions on a brucellosis.
Since the beginning of 2018 on April 1 of the current year 64 inspections are carried out. Veterinary documentation in department are conducted in compliance to requirements of the veterinary account and reporting
Veterinary stations. Today from 16 planned veterinary stations 14 veterinary stations are acquired. In two rural districts in Andreevka, Krasnoyarsk buildings under veterinary stations are not acquired. From 14 veterinary stations of 11 rural districts Dmitriyevka, Choice, Bel-Agach, Bakin, Stepnoy, Novoshulba, Zhernovka, Taurian, Novopokrovka, Kunarli, Peremenovka the building of veterinary stations was transferred to fixed assets. In the Petropavlovka rural district the building of veterinary station is in rent in the akimat building. Zubair, Novodvorovka rural districts did not transfer the building of veterinary station to fixed assets.
Lethal platform. Slaughter of the farm animals intended for the subsequent realization is carried out on crushing points (platforms) or the meat-processing enterprises meeting veterinary (veterinary and sanitary) standards on the basis of the rule No. 7-1/370 approved by the order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 27, 2015. In the area there are 15 lethal platforms, and registration numbers at all are prolonged.
In Dmitriyevka, Bakin, Novodvorovka, Kunarli rural districts lethal platforms is absent.
Cattle mortuaries. In the territory of the area there are 24 cattle mortuaries, from them 7 standard. In four rural districts (Dmitriyevka, Peremenovka, Petropavlovka, Krasnoyarsk) cattle mortuaries transferred "Veterinary Service of Borodulikha District " to fixed assets.
Milk points. In the area 9 milk points which are on daily control of specialists of department function.
Work burials is complete.
Educational work among the population concerning veterinary science through means of media, descents of citizens, the akim's website is carried out. The area carries out close work with Semey State University of Shakarim on questions veterinarno - sanitary wellbeing in particular concerning improvement of agricultural animals from a brucellosis, artificial insemination and on change of embryos.
According to the MEB task, joint forces of veterinary service of the area the training seminars for the acting veterinarians are entered.

Head of  "Department veterinary science of Borodulikha district Shakenov E.Z.

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